Thursday, February 9, 2012

i was wrong (take 2)

When I was in college my roommate Kelly and I would often joke about her desire to write a book entitled "I Was Wrong" that recollected all of those moments when she was, in fact, wrong. I remember lying in our beds late at night laughing hard at how many contributions we could easily make to a book with that title. For example...

I can dance outside during a hurricane without breaking a bone.
I was wrong.

My teacher won't notice me googling jokes during class.
I was wrong.

I know how to get there.
I was wrong.

This list could go on. My most recent "I was wrong" moment happened
yesterday. For a while now I have been begging my coworkers and managers to spend a day together volunteering, so when my manager found an open spot with Habitat for Humanity I was ecstatic...

I thought volunteering for Habitat for Humanity would be fun.
I was wrong.

Now don't get me wrong here, I'm not a habitat hater. And I should probably give it another chance b/c we volunteered for the Restore project in this huge abandoned building vs. the usual rebuilding of houses. It was fun..for the first two hours. Then Tara and I got stuck on power washing and squeegeeing the floor duty. Now I am all about some girl power (who run the world?), but I think this job would have been more effectively done by men. I say that only because we started out with power washers and ended with squeegees. About the time our socks and shoes were soaking wet (5 minutes into it) in 40 degree weather we had had enough. Our desire to leave was confirmed when our manager got hit in the head with a drill and we officially called it quits. Even though it wasn't the BEST time, I think we all still managed to have a good time. I couldn't stop laughing after we left and I still burst into fits of laughter when I look at pictures and video from the day. I love that my co-workers can make light of any situation. Check out pics of the crazies I spent my day with...

All smiles in the beginning! Upon first entering the building Tara looks at the huge truck we had to unload in disgusts and says, "IS THAT DUST?!?!" We knew right then it was going to be a long day hahahaha...

Looking the part. Keyword: looking.

Taylor & I building a teepee nbd.

The point in which I questioned if I was a prisoner or a volunteer...

The crew after a long day. This picture most accurately represents what we were all thinking.