Thursday, December 1, 2011

tales of christmas past

Some of my favorite Christmas memories are from my four years at LU. There was really only a 2 1/2 week span between Thanksgiving Break & Christmas Break every year - a time intended for studying for finals, though none of my favorite Christmas memories include studying...imagine that. One of my favorite things about LU was that since it was a Christian school there was no hiding the reason for the season. Our halls, dorms, cafeteria, the whole campus really, was covered in sparkling lights, Christmas trees, and big red ribbon bows. Every year brought some crazy new adventure as my friends and I got caught up in the Christmas cheer. Here is a look back (don't judge)...

Freshman year. In true freshman fashion myroommate Brooke & I ditched last minute studying for finals and instead decided to spend an entire night (literally) decorating our dorm room Elf style. The result was unforgettable - a life sized gingerbread house covered in real candy that satisfied the midnight study cravings of our dorm mates. See picture below.

Sophomore year. Practically every night of this Christmas break was spent with the girls in my dorm singing,choreographing, and designing outfits to a Shania Twain remake of "Man I Feel Like Some Christmas" inspired by this little clip from Santa Clause 2. I sit here with tears in my eyes as I laugh thinking about how ridiculous we must have looked performing this several times for so many different audiences...I would post the video, but I think my roommate Kelly would drive to the beach and kill me if I did. So I'll post another one of my favorite pictures from this year - open dorms (aka shoving as many boys into my dorm room as possible). At LU guys and girls were not allowed in each others dorms at all. Ever. The one exception was open dorms which was held once, sometimes twice, a year. For a couple hours one night all dorms were open and people went crazy (LU crazy, not typical college student crazy). It may sound lame to a non-LUer but it was seriously so fun. The picture below is of the boys visiting my dorm room.

Junior year. This year I lived in an apartment style dorm with some of my best friends. Finals for us were so intense that year that our Christmas craziness had to be confined to a single scheduled "family" night. We all wore Christmas pajamas, exchanged gifts and stockings, ate Santa shaped pancakes for dinner, and finished the night with a Christmas movie in our decked out common room. It was such a chill night filled with sweet memories.

Our dorm room from the inside.

Our dorm room from the outside.

All decked out in our Christmas pj's!

Senior year. By senior year my BFFs and I had moved off campus to a huge house (7 of us lived there!) and we decided to throw a more mature, sophisticated, classy party...we were seniors after all. We wore cute party dresses and drank mocktails. We felt so grown up.

4/7 roommates & the first snow that year!

Those drinks are virgin.

I don't even know what is going on in this picture.

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