Wednesday, December 7, 2011

sorelle per sempre

Last year my sister and I made a pact to take a sister trip every year no matter where we were, what was going on, etc. At the time I was living 3 1/2 hours away from her and even though I'm only 30 minutes away this year it has still been a struggle to spend a significant amount of time together with our crazy schedules. You may remember our Disney trip from last year - click here. This year we barely made the 2011 trip, but I am so glad we finally carved out some time for a short vacay. We also extended the sister trip to our aunts and cousins, which I believe truly enhanced our experience. On Friday morning we (my sister, me, my three aunts, and two cousins) headed up north to my favorite city in the whole world...NYC! It had been WAY too long since my last visit.

We were greeted with beautifully mild winter weather and immediately adapted to the hustle and bustle of the city. Prior to the trip everyone had made a request of at least one thing they wanted to see while we were in the city so it was kind of like a fun game to travel across the city and make it to each destination. First up? A trip to the huge Forever 21 in Herald Sqaure (per Kalen's request) - she was in heaven. We also took a pit stop in Macy's to see the real Santa, who kind of resembled a creepy wax figure. Then we headed downtown to Chinatown (Grace's request) where we ran into Nicki Minaj!!!!!!!!! The Billboard Women in Music awards were being held at the Capitale and we were hoping to also catch a glimpse of Taylor Swift but Nicki Minaj's fans had gotten a little out of hand so T.Swift headed out the side door :( The guards at the door gave us her newest CD to make up for it though! Nice. We also saw Robin Robbins, Katie Couric, & Hoda. It was a celeb hotspot!

Who the eff is she? She's Nicki Minaj she macks them dudes up, backs coupes up, and chucks the duece up!

After that we headed over to Papabubble and then to Soho for my Bon Jovi obsessed aunt to stalk catch a glimpse of his apartment building on Mercer St. We were there for a little while hahaha. We had dinner reservations at Stand. I had a temperature of 102 so I had to pass on a marshmallow milkshake (gasp!) but my family certainly enjoyed them. We walked around the Holiday Market at Union Square and then headed uptown to see the windows at Saks and the tree at Rockefeller. The lights in the city are so beautiful and seeing them always makes me super excited for Christmas. The temperature dropped that night so we all ended up buying these knit animal hats that made us look like we escaped from the Central Park zoo. Hey, at least it was easy to find each other! Here are a few pictures...

Saturday I took the girls to Dylan's Candy Shop and then we met up with my friend Suzanne (remember Suzanne from my days at Shape?) who took us to the new Lady Gaga Workshop at Barney's. It is pretty much the epitome of awesome - sooooo much cool Gaga memorabilia. And on the way out we saw Vera Wang posing outside! Crazy!

My time with Suzanne was too short! We parted ways at dinner and my family and I had pizza and then headed into Times Square until it was time to see The Nutcracker!!!!! The Nutcracker was probably my favorite part of the trip (& also my "request") Those ballerinas are so good I could barely take my eyes off of them. After dinner we went back to Times Square for round 2. We ended up getting back to our hotel at almost 2 am! Talk about girl's night out, we were having way too much fun!

My crazy family & our signature poses!

Sunday we went to a Chocolate Expo in Secaucus, NJ where we got chocolate wasted. It was a lot of fun, it was pretty much all local vendors with some of the most unique and delicious food. One of my favorites was maple cotton candy - yum! Around 2 o'clock Buddy from Cake Boss joined the fun and Brie and I were lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time. We got to take pictures and shake his hand. I told him that we had been to his place in Hoboken and that we loved his lobster tails. Remember?

After the expo we packed our bags and had dinner at Planet Hollywood in Times Square...a new sister trip tradition perhaps? We made the trek up to the airport and then headed home. Leaving the city is always sad, but I was so sick that part of me was looking forward to crashing in my own bed. Another successful sister trip completed.

Sorelle per sempre.
Sisters for always.

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