Sunday, December 11, 2011

can you hear me now?

I have had my fair share of phone troubles this year. I started the year with my purple blackberry curve which I loved until it broke one two three FOUR times!!!!! Each time it broke it had to be shipped away and I was phone-less for a few days until a "non-faulty" refurbished one arrived. I was not a happy camper. I quickly surrendered my bb loyalty when my dad upgraded his phone and passed off his hand-me-down droid 2. I thought I had died and gone to cell phone heaven with all my new apps and widgets and features. All was right with the world until my phone starting freezing, not sending texts, dying after like 30 minutes, etc. Can I please just get a cell phone that works? Which is why I finally invested in the iphone 4s! I have waited so long for my upgrade and on December 6th I was at the Verizon store as soon as it opened to cough up my cash for a brand spankin' new white iphone and I could not be happier with my purchase. I don't care what anyone tells you about phones - the iphone takes the cake. I'm completely obsessed and have been app happy ever since I got it a few days ago.

My must-have apps:
1. - the coolest app in the entire world. It shows all the latest runway shows from pretty much every designer you can imagine. I also like Trendstop which is pretty similar and gives great fashion news.

2. Foursquare & Facebook - my two favorite social media apps.

3. Instagram, Doodle Booth, picfx, Camera Fx+ & Fotolr CS - all awesomely cool photo apps.

4. Food spotting - for all my foodie friends.

5. Stamped & Oink - both are new and pretty similar. Stamped lets you list all of your favorite things - books, movies, food, music, etc. You follow friends similar to Twitter and see all of their favorite things/recommendations. Oink lets you rate a variety of things, both good and bad. I think if they both catch on they will be really fun apps to share with friends.

6. Key Ring - a great place to store all of your loyalty cards.

7. Games!!!!! Right now I really like Style Studio, Tap Zoo 2, and virtual pets games like Touch Dogs 2 & My Horse.

So friends, what are your favorite apps?

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