Sunday, October 30, 2011

swan lake

For Halloween this year Brie & I decided to go as the Black Swan and the White Swan from Swan Lake! This was made even easier when Brie decided to dye her hair to look like mine making us look more alike than we already do (we were originally going to be Alice and the Red Queen from Alice in Wonderland). I think the outfits were a hit, but my favorite part was designing our costumes. I've made my Halloween costume every year for quite a few years now - click here for a look back. It gives me an excuse to unleash my inner fashionista and also an excuse to blame any fashion flops on the phrase, "So what? It was just a Halloween costume." I love Halloween just because you get to dress up and be someone/something else for one night out of the year. To me, that is magical!

And now for a behind the scenes look at our Black Swan/White Swan costumes...

Our tops were made from oversized black and white t-shirts that I cut to be off the shoulder. Then I added feathers, rhinestones, sequins and so much glitter that it looks like a fairy got murdered in our house. The tutus were made by taking a small feather boa and attaching strips of toile - easy peasy!
My crown was made from an old one (previously silver and pink!) I took a sharpie and colored over as much silver as I could, glued on extra black feathers, and dripped black candle wax over the front. Brie's feather hair pieces were made from 6 feathers, 3 on each side, and attached with rhinestone bobby pins!
Our makeup was a combination of glittery black and white makeup, bright lipsticks, a black and white costume makeup palette, and fake eyelashes of course!
We finished off our outfits with black and white tights and ballet flats! One of my favorite costumes by far.

*All makeup credit goes to Brie*

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