Sunday, October 2, 2011


I've always considered myself a fairly avid movie watcher/book know, somewhere safely between watching movies on hulu to dressing up like characters from a movie at every Thursday's midnight showing...between reading restaurant menus and having my own book club. In my lifetime I have survived two major opportunities for what I like to think of as "fandemonium" where books and movies collide and create this unique breed of people who love what they have read and seen so much that it has a pretty profound effect on their lives. First being, Harry Potter. Don't get me wrong, I am a fan, just a more balanced one. I own neither a cape, wand, or an HP lego set. Nor do I practice spells in my free time or decorate my room with cardboard cutouts of the characters. I am, however, excited for Pottermore (not registered early, that is for the crazies) and getting to pick out my pet, finding out which wand I get, and being sorted into a house - my BFF Loisann and I are aware that although we favor Gryffindor our non-confrontational and easy going personalities will most likely land us in Hufflepuff. I also wouldn't mind enjoying a butter beer in Orlando.

The next phase of "fandemonium" was easier for me to resist. I still to this day have never read a Stephanie Meyer book and I don't think I will ever fully comprehend the desire to live as a vampire forever. I did not see Twilight until after it had come out on DVD and my roommate Amanda had convinced me to give it a chance. I figured since almost every girl I knew was practically obsessed and one of my best friends, Jen, had seen it in the movie theater several times alone AND skipped class to read the books that it was worth a shot. When I first watched it I wasn't sure that I really liked it, but there was no doubt I found it intriguing. I don't think I blinked much. Oh, and I had a nightmare about vampires that night. When the second movie came out I saw it at midnight with my friends. Not because I had turned into a crazy fan overnight, but because if I didn't go with them at midnight (with literally everyone else) then I wouldn't have anyone to see it with later. Plus, I had never read the books and I really wanted to know what happened next. All that to say, I kind of did like the movies. I will probably see the next one at midnight sans the fangs and white powder makeup (I'm pale enough to go without) because I like hype. And I know you are wondering, I'm Team Jacob.

Now, if I had to take a guess at the next wave of "fandemonium" to hit I'd say it will come around March when the Hunger Games Series FINALLY hits theaters. I read the books last year and I love them in that obsessive way that people loved Harry Potter and the Twilight Series, which I sometimes find odd because the books are very violent and uncharacteristic of me. I don't think I could pinpoint what it is exactly about the books that captivated me so but they did. And in 172 days, 6 hours, and 41 minutes I will probably be dressed up with my mockingjay pin and in line with a bunch of other crazies that I laughed at in years past. [This is a warning in advance.] In fact, I have already registered and been assigned my district at the Capital - DISTRICT 8! I am actually quite satisfied with that district too - it is where all of the clothes are made. They must have known I love fashion. Plus, I was having somewhat of an identity crisis when I saw that on all of the fan-made maps of Panem the part of the US that I really live in was always underwater, making it difficult to to find favor with a particular district...though technically I'm probably closest to 12. In the books I related most to 4 because I live near the ocean and 11 because Rue was my favorite character. Ok, enough talk about HG b/c I'm certain this won't be the last you hear! Are you a fan?


  1. i loved the hunger games series too. i really hope the movies do "the games" justice!

    fun blog - i'm your newest follower

  2. That's hurtful