Wednesday, September 21, 2011

dancing in the rain

I am days away from getting my (third) cast off and freedom is so close I can practically taste it. This has been a very trying month. I think I have a new definition of humbled...

1. To watch one's bank account slowly drain while not being able to walk, drive or work.

My parents have also been "teaching me a lesson" this month by not helping with any medical bills as to not encourage my irresponsibility. Because we all know I broke my foot on purpose...not. What I find most funny about the situation is that my mom quickly offered to pay for my handicap parking pass provided she gets to use it whenever she wants. At least someone is benefiting from my accident. I think there is a lesson for them to learn in the midst of all of this too and it can be summed up in one little quote.

There is no way a little rain, setback, or empty bank account will ever stop me from dancing my way through life.

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