Monday, September 12, 2011

casted (still)

I have been casted for 2 weeks now! Wow! The official diagnosis? A spiral fracture to the shaft of my 5th metatarsal...which translates to "a really bad break in the part of your foot that takes a long time to heal" in English. Immediately after receiving my diagnosis I flooded google with the following searches:

How long until I can dance after breaking my foot?
What is a spiral fracture?
5th metatarsal fracture healing time
How long does it take a fracture to heal?
When can I get my cast off?
How long do I have to wear a cast?
How do you take off your cast yourself?
Dance Moms (my newest obsession)

When google wasn't providing the answers I was looking for I turned to my friends Sandi and Jen. Sandi provided me with the most realistic information (aka the stuff I didn't want to hear) in the most loving way. Jen provided me with funny YouTube videos and this informative link about my fracture (also ironically called "Dancer's Fracture): click this if you like medical jargon about feet!

Summarized: "The junction between the base of the metatarsal and the shaft is the area which creates the most problems when fractured. The reason for the difficulty is that bone healing relies upon good circulation, and this particular area of the bone has a notoriously poor blood supply. Fractures of the shaft of the metatarsal occur commonly as a result of twisting of the foot when landing from a jump, for example in ballet dancers, and these heal very rapidly in a stiff shoe without any need for surgery."

That explains that. Except...why am I in a cast and not a stiff shoe?!?! Exactly the point I brought up to my doctor today. While tears filled my eyes he calmly explained the need for a cast, the dangers of taking it off too soon, and the risk of re-breaking my foot. We finally came to a compromise. I traded in my hot pink non-weight bearing cast for a baby blue weight bearing cast for 2 more weeks and then the cast comes off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Surely I can last two more weeks. Ironically I also read this verse in my devo this week...

"Even children become tried and need to rest, and young people trip and fall." - Isaiah 40:30 (NCV)

The Lord knew I needed a "break" and this is still part of His plan even if it wasn't part of mine.

"All the days planned for me were written in your book, before I was one day old." - Psalm 139:16 (NCV)

Bye bye pink cast!

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