Thursday, August 4, 2011

trumpet, the trumpet

Sometimes I really wish I had some secret musical talent. Truth is, my musical talent doesn't go much further than guitar hero (which counts, right?) For the record I know 3 songs on the piano and oh yeah, there was that entire year/semester in middle school when I played the trumpet. Yes, the trumpet. I still can't help but laugh looking back on it, esp. the fact that I was even in band to begin with. Can you imagine? I think it must have been a requirement in middle school because everyone I know took at least 1 year or semester of band. So why in the world did I choose the trumpet? Well, I like to think that the instrument chose me but there are three good reasons why we were united. 1) Drums were too heavy. 2) For some reason I could not play woodwind instruments so my dreams of playing saxophone were quickly crushed. But mostly I blame numero 3) Mambo #5. Trumpet, the trumpet!

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