Tuesday, June 21, 2011

the summer bucket list

My BFF graduated with her Masters degree from JMU and has FINALLY returned home for good. Since it has been a while since the two of us have had a summer together we decided to really make it fun by concocting a summer bucket list. We have from now (the first day of summer) until September 23 (the first day of autumn) to finish! Check it out...

1. go skinny dipping
2. meet Adam Levine
3. watch all of the Harry Potter movies in one day
4. get a tattoo and/or piercing
5. spend a day surfing
6. sleep under the stars
7. tye dye an entire outfit, including undies, and wear it in public
8. finish an entire season of a tv show (suggestions welcome)
9. fry an egg on the sidewalk
10. shoot a gun
11. learn a dance routine
12. add to our BFF scrapbooks


  1. Takes pics of #7. Hilarious!

  2. 1. i did this last weekend in lake michigan. ;)
    2. that would be awesome. i think that concert is going to be awesome!
    3. i am going to be watching all of the Lord of Rings movies extended versions in 1 day next month (that's about 12 hrs)
    4. hmmm....i vote piercing. tattoo is too permanent.
    5. awesome. i tried surfing 1x last summer, it didn't work out too well for me.
    6. great idea. i'm doing this next weekend when i go camping at OBX....wanna come with me?
    7. public??? that's gutsy!
    8. i just finished all 6 seasons of LOST. it was great. a lil confusing, but great.
    9. hahahaha, i have always wanted to know if this works!
    10. i'm not a fan of guns but i did go shooting at a shooting range for my 1st time last summer. it's an experience that everyone should have.
    11. i say learn a rap dance routine. def rap.
    12. i love scrapbooking. i love taking pictures more.