Tuesday, May 31, 2011

all the thoughts in my head

Here is what has been on my mind lately:

1. My current obsession with The Real Housewives of NJ, especially Jacqueline Laurita (my favorite).

2. What ever happened to Wonderballs? Aka the greatest candy ever.

3. How much I really want a white holland lop bunny.

4. The fact that there are 3498504354 thousand million things I need to do, which makes me really wish humans hibernated like bears because I would kill for a loooong nap about now.

5. The dull pain in my left foot that hasn't gone away since it started on Mother's Day.

6. My full intentions to start a new bible study/devo tomorrow morning because Lord knows I could use the accountability in my life.

7. Why I feel the need to add lots of links to things I post in my blog?

8. And, like everyone else, my interest in watching the cat hugging video on repeat. IT IS SO CUTE!! Click here.

That's all.

1 comment:

  1. two things.
    i wondered about your #7 when i started reading your blog a few weeks ago. it got me adding links to my blog ;) and #8....i LOVE that video. i have been watching it on repeat the last couple days as well!

    missed you tonight at cg.