Friday, December 24, 2010

oh christmas tree

In honor of Christmas Eve I thought everyone might get a kick out of some of the ornaments that annually make an appearance. We've never been a "themed tree" kind of family and I like that. Actually, I take that back...Mom tried the "themed tree" idea one year. Key word: one. Those ornaments are now in a box labeled "ugly ornaments." No lie! So those don't get put on the tree anymore. Personally I like the mix of memories that adorn our tree every year. Without further adieu...
First grade gold spray painted macaroni ornament - fancy!
Soccer Tigger circa 1999
I don't know who or where this ornament came from, but for as long as I can remember Brie and I have fought over who gets to put it on the tree. Now we have to take turns - it was her turn this year.
I found Nemo!
Ballet slippers I got from my friend Stevie this year!
Brie's first grade ornament!
Brie's Barbie Dream House
Cupcake, of course.

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