Friday, December 3, 2010

chocolate chip cookie dough

Ok, so this is my last flavor to try and I can't find the picture so I had to resort to this dinky stand in! Can you believe I'm done? That I finally tried them all?!? Don't worry - the next post will answer all those questions you are dying to know (like which is my favorite perhaps?) But for now...the chocolate chip cookie dough pop tarts. Described in one word? "Ehhhh." They were alright.

Toasted: They were good warm, definitely the best option of the three, but they don't compare to warm cookies so don't get your hopes up.

As Is: They were good, I mean, just not great. I was expecting more delicious cookie dough flavor.

Frozen: Now this was the big disappointment. I've been known to eat cold cookie dough straight from the fridge and was hoping for a similar feeling when biting into these...but like I said, "good" but not "GREAT!"

Pop Tarts Fact: Pop Tarts are not certified Kosher...bummer.

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