Sunday, October 10, 2010

state of grace

Today I really miss my BFF Loisann. I take that back. I always miss her (she is currently at JMU for grad school), but I especially miss her on days like today - 10/10/10. And, no, other than the fact that that is ridiculously cool that today's date is all 10's, there is nothing else significant about it. But that's just the thing. I'm sure if Lo were here we would have made today monumental. And that's what I love about her - she is fun, goofy, and always up for a good time! So in honor of her I would like to share our all-time favorite TV show - State of Grace. It only lasted 2 seasons (I think) but it is still my favorite TV show to this day. Loisann and I used to spend manyyyyy nights watching State of Grace marathons. I think it's because we could easily relate to the characters. Growing up, and until we really started hanging out together, our lives very closely mirrored the personalities of the main characters of Hannah (Lo) and Grace (me). Check out the first episode on YouTube here...

**be sure to watch parts 2 & 3!

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