Monday, October 25, 2010

pumpkin pickin'

Last Wednesday I had a really bad day so on Thursday after work my mom cheerfully took me to the pumpkin patch to make up for it. Up until my freshman year of college I had never been to a real pumpkin patch. My mom says she took me when I was younger but unless I was a baby and we drove pretty far, it's questionable. There just aren't any where we live. So maybe I've been to a real pumpkin patch twice in my life, but since I don't remember the "first" time I don't count it. The pumpkin patch I grew up going to looked a lot like this...
You know...the one where the pumpkins are already picked and carefully placed into rows...the one beside a major highway. (sidenote: this picture didn't turn out as cool as I thought it would)
...the one with a giant jack-o-lantern out front...
...the one that also sells oysters???
...the one with price tags on the pumpkins...
...& the one with the PERFECT pumpkin - which now sits pretty outside of our front door :)

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