Thursday, September 30, 2010

pumpkin pie

Let me just start by giving you a little piece of advice about the pumpkin pie pop tarts - if you see them, BUY THEM! Not only are they one of the most delicious pop tarts Kellogg's has ever come out with, but it took me about 7 trips to Target to finally get them. I must not be the only sucker that falls for the limited edition because those things fly off the shelves around here.

Toasted: If you close your eyes and take a bite you might just think its Thanksgiving. Seriously, it tasted just like warm pumpkin pie (Ok, so the texture was different but the taste was the same). And since we finally replaced our toaster I was finally able to enjoy this one without the microwave - a much better option.

As Is: I think this was the first pop tart where I actually didn't mind the crust. To be honest, I kind of liked it. Pumpkin pie crust, unlike bread, pizza, and all other pop tarts flavor crust, is different.

Frozen: I think this was possibly my favorite way to enjoy the pumpkin pie flavor because one of my all-time favorite things is eating pumpkin pie for breakfast the morning after Thanksgiving and this chilly treat brought back a flood of those fond memories. Maybe I can justify eating pumpkin pie for breakfast if it's in the form of a pop tart...

Pop Tarts Fact: Ben Brugler helped invent the Pumpkin Pie pop tart...kind of. Read his story here: #pumpkinpiepoptarts

And since it worked for Ben...kind of...I decided to send Kellogg's my own inventions. If you see any of these in the not-so-distant future, remember that you saw them here first ;)

...and no "canady" is not a typo ;)
p.s. sorry for the crappy quality of pics, but my sister "borrowed" my camera and I haven't seen it since!!!

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