Wednesday, September 22, 2010

orange cream

"Limited editions" always get me. Do they ever get you? Whenever I see something packaged as "limited edition" I feel the sudden urge to try it. I mean, if you don't try it right away you might not ever get another chance, right? And then if you DO like what you try, you have to buy it in bulk before it disappears. Yeah? So you can imagine my excitement when I found these LIMITED EDITION orange cream pop tarts at the grocery store. An orange dreamsicle taste packaged in a pop tart? Please and thank you!

Toasted: A little different. I've never had anything orange flavored that was warm so it was kind of a new concept to me and I'm not so sure I liked it.

As Is: Yummy - they taste just like orange dreamsicles!

Frozen: Again, just like an orange dreamsicle. GO BUY SOME NOW! THEY ARE LIMITED EDITIONS, REMEMBER?!?

Pop Tart Fact: Pop Tarts World, the first retail store and cafe for Pop Tarts, opened in NYC! Andddddd I finally got to visit! Check out pictures was awesome. My Dad and I both had custom-made pop tarts for breakfast. He chose a blueberry pop tart with vanilla frosting and coconut and I opted for a raspberry pop tart with lemon frosting and rainbow sprinkles! The pop tarts (of course) were delish, but the frosting was terrible. Next time I recommend just keeping things simple by ordering a toasted pop tart of your choice. If you want to get crazy take a hike over to Amy's Bread and top your pop tart with a shot of their cream cheese frosting!!!! So worth the walk! (Plus you'll be burning off the pop tart, its clearly a win-win situation). Oh! We also got the pop tarts sushi. Cute idea, but not very good.

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