Sunday, September 5, 2010

mac attack!!

I finally did it - I had my very first Big Mac! How I made it so long without one, I will never know. In fact, I almost prided myself on it because I felt like I was one of the only Americans in this country who had never had one. I can't say that I loved it, but I definitely didn't hate it. In fact, I gobbled up the entire thing. All 540 calories of it. And the side of 500 calorie true American fashion. I had to laugh a little while I was eating it...I had a flashback of my trip to Israel where we were literally starving (the food was THAT bad) and one night our hosts felt terribly sorry for us because we hadn't been eating. They were trying to come up with a menu that we would like and asked if we liked burgers and fries? "How stereotypical!" I thought, before immediately replying, "Yes, yes, we love burgers and fries."

It's true. I do love a good burger and fries. And while the Big Mac wasn't so awful, I have way better burger recommendations. Trust me on this...(in no particular order)

1. Stand - NYC
2. Burger Joint (in Le Parker Meridian Hotel) - NYC
3. Shake Shack - NYC
4. Fuddrucker's - Nationwide
5. Cheeseburger in Paradise - Nationwide

What is your favorite burger? From where?

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