Wednesday, August 11, 2010

ice cream sandwich

Growing up, one of my favorite flavors of Pop Tarts was the overlooked "Vanilla Creme" so when I saw this favorite flavor disappear from the shelves, naturally, I was a little disappointed. Lucky for me, it reappeared under the new name "Ice Cream Sandwich" - at least thats the conclusion I came up with after taste testing this "Vanilla Creme" lookalike.

Toasted: I may or may not have caught the toaster on fire as soon as I got home (true story...oops!) so I had to use the microwave instead, and I wasn't disappointed. A quick zap in the microwave and my poptart was oozing with a vanilla creme that tasted just like marshmallows - my fav!

Frozen: I'm kind of biased b/c these are some of my favs, but they truly taste good in every way!

As Is: They rock! The chocolate crust makes them even more enjoyable and the middle truly tastes like marshmallow fluff.

Pop Tart Fact: Pop Tarts World (the first Pop Tarts store) opened in New York City THIS week!!!

& just for fun, a little video circa Halloween '06...

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