Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Cherry is a hit or miss flavor. It can either be REALLY great (ex: cherry cordials) or it can taste like cough syrup. And while I definitely thought these pop tarts were far from cough syrup status, they also weren't my absolute favs. I think Kellogg's could learn a thing or two from Nature's Path who makes a chocolate cherry toaster pastry. I haven't tried them yet, but I can't imagine a chocolate cherry pop tart being a bad combination. Know what I'm sayin? In fact, I think these poptarts would have been highly enhanced with a smear of the chocolate on top. Yum.

Toasted: The status of our toaster oven is that we still don't have one. (Remember I accidentally caught it on fire?) So I had to "toast" these in the microwave again. I liked it. They get a little mushy but the flavor is still there!

As Is: Like I said they weren't my favs, especially with so many other delicious flavors...but I don't think I would turn them down either.

Frozen: They all kind of tasted the same - just different consistency.

Pop Tart Fact: Want to know what flavor is coming out this Fall? Lucky for you I get exclusive Pop Tarts e-mails sent to my inbox...
PUMPKIN PIE!!!!!!!! I can't wait!

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