Thursday, July 29, 2010

wild grape

I'm a grape fan. Grape water, grape jelly, grape medicine - I like it all, so I was pretty excited to see the new wild grape pop tarts. And they were frosted - even better! Apparently Pop Tarts had grape on shelves for a while and then took approx. a two year hiatus before rolling these bad boys back out. I never tasted the original grape pop tarts, but if they were anything like the "new" version I could understand why they might have disappeared for a while.

Toasted: These tasted extremely artificial. No, I am not ignorant to the fact that Pop Tarts are not made with real fruit, but this was just plain awful.

Frozen: Better then the former and latter - this reminded me of the sweet jelly that I like to sandwich between peanut butter and bread.

As Is: Just mediocre. The frosting helps, but not much. Sorry grape, you won't be making your way into regular rotation anytime soon!

Pop Tart Fact: The process of making Pop-Tarts begins when pastry dough is rolled through a conveyor belt to form two sheets of crust. The flavored filling is squirted onto the bottom sheet, which is covered by the top sheet. The crust is then cut into squares and rolled through a three hundred foot-long oven. Meanwhile, frosting is mixed in tanks and pumped onto the squares when they emerge from the oven. The final step is to weigh and drop sprinkles onto the frosting.

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