Thursday, July 22, 2010

vanilla milkshake

I know this blogpost doesn’t really tie in with my latest postings, but you didn’t think I’d forget about my Pop Tart Project, did you? It has almost been a year and I’m only halfway through (exactly why I didn’t set a timeline), though the thought of being halfway through gives me some extra motivation to see this thing to the end!

What’s next on my lineup? Vanilla Milkshake. I cannot tell you how thrilled I was to see that this particular box also accompanied a 25% less sugar label. Coming in with only 11 grams of sugar is pretty good considering most “healthy” granola bars have that many grams or more – look it up! So here’s what I thought…

Toasted: Yummy! It tasted just like vanilla cake frosting. I especially love that they are covered in rainbow sprinkles, a personal favorite of mine.

Frozen: GREAT! No wonder they call it vanilla MILKSHAKE – this one tastes the best cold.

As Is: Kinda bland…I guess that’s what happens when you reduce the sugar. I will say that toasting and/or freezing this particular pop tart made a huge difference.

Pop Tart Fact: Pop-Tarts are not vegetarian/vegan-friendly because they are made with gelatin, an animal by-product.

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