Saturday, July 24, 2010

tea & crumpets

The other day I realized we were halfway through 2010 and it reminded me of my commitment to eat "10 foods from 10 countries to try in 2010." The problem is...I've only had one of those things. And its July. So today Kelly came over and we decided to knock off another one from my list. This time? Tea and crumpets of course! We dressed like sophisticated British women (see photo above) and I bought a package of crumpets from Kroger. They were made in the USA but the package had a huge British flag on it...close enough. Take a little look at this video to see what we thought...(sorry the video is sideways)

Not exactly the best thing I've ever had, but not the worst! It was kind of a mix between English muffins, pancakes, and a sponge.

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