Friday, July 23, 2010

"big girl" Bible

A lot of big transitions are happening in my life right now and with all of the recent decisions and changes I have finally decided to start using my "big girl" Bible. A few months ago when I was having a hard time my sweet sister sent me a new Bible - the NIV Quest Study Bible covered in bright teal Italian Duo-Tone. It's an awesome Bible, but for some reason I just couldn't convince myself to give up my Revolve Teen Devo Bible. For the past few years my Bible has traveled across the world with me, withstood a variety of breakfast beverage stains, and is covered in enough ink to fill a pack of pens. I LOVE my Bible. It is filled with significant dates, keynotes from messages, and it highlights all of my favorite verses. I even like that the silver lining has worn off on the sides where I thumb through the pages. However, as I am slowly embracing adulthood I have found that the devos aren't quite as relevant anymore and/or that I have read them so many times I not only recognize them, but can finish them without looking. So it's time to move on. And Jess gave me a great idea - to save my Bible to give to my future daughter (if the Lord allows) one day. After all, that Bible helped me through a good majority of my teen years. I plan on doing the same thing with my new Bible - recording events, taking notes, highlighting verses, etc. so that I can pass along my next Bible as well. Don't you think that's kind of fun? To pass along my teen Bible when my daughter turns 13, or my post-grad Bible when she graduates, and so on? Let's just hope the Lord blesses me with a daughter (or a niece) at some point in life!

Here are a few "sneak peek" pages of what the inside of my Bible looks like:

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