Tuesday, July 20, 2010

27 dresses

My roommate (and one of my best friends), Jess, got married! It was such a fun weekend. Thursday night we had her bachelorette party and went out dancing, Friday was the rehearsal dinner, and Saturday was the wedding! Weddings are so fun, its like a huge reunion. This wedding was also extra special for me b/c it was my debut appearance as a bridesmaid! I still remember when Jess came home and asked me if I'd be in the wedding - what an honor. When I stood up there with the rest of the girls watching Jonathan Falwell talk about marriage it really hit me just how important marriage is...I mean, thats a covenant before God. It's a promise. Forever. And I've always known that, but recently I feel like marriage has become so temporary in our society that Americans no longer value it. Weddings are no longer a"big deal" to some people because they don't last. Or people have become so numb to the idea of marriage because there is no sanctity in it - people no longer get married before they are living together, having sex together, and having children together.

I'm sure it was no coincidence that last Tuesday's Bible Study was on marriage. In Nancy Lee DeMoss' book "Lies Women Believe" she offers up lies & truths about marriage. Here are some of the points she made:

- Marriage is a lifelong covenant that is intended to reflect the covenant-keeping heart of God. As He is faithful to His covenant, so we must be faithful to keep our marriage covenant.
- There is no marriage God cannot heal. There is no person God cannot change.
- God uses the rough edges of each partner in a marriage to conform the other to the image of Christ.
- God's grace is sufficient to enable you to be faithful to your mate and to love and forgive without limit.

Pretty powerful stuff, huh? It certainly got me thinking!

Anyways, here are some pictures (in order) from this weekend's events...

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