Sunday, June 6, 2010

frosted blueberry

Classic blueberry - this flavor was one of the first four flavors that ever came out and is STILL one of the most popular. I personally liked the blueberry muffin pop tart better, which seemed sweeter to me even though it has 1 less gram of sugar than the regular frosted blueberry!

Toasted: Still tasty, though the toasting process didn't enhance and/or take away from the original flavor.
Frozen: Ditto.
As is: Not bad, but not exactly great either. If I had tried this flavor before I had tried the blueberry muffin I think I would have liked it better. The regular frosted blueberry just isn't quite as sweet.

Pop Tart Fact: Pop Tarts now has a Rewards program (where was this when I started my pop tart project?!?!) that encourages fans to try all 27 flavors. In return, you get points for cool prizes like movie tickets, music downloads, magazine subscriptions, & more! Awesome!!

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