Friday, June 25, 2010

chocolate fudge

The last time I was home I walked into my room to find 4 new unopened boxes of Pop Tart goodness just waiting for me to dive into - Vanilla Milkshake, Chocolate Fudge, Grape, and Cinnamon Roll. My first flavor of choice? The chocolate fudge of course! It has been far too long since my taste buds have indulged in this classic flavor. Somewhere along the way of experimenting with new flavors I must have forgotten this staple! My former chocolate lovin' roommate would have had a hay day with a pack of these.

Toasted: In one abbreviated word - delish.
Frozen: Gooey and almost brownish in consistency and flavor. How could you possibly resist?
As Is: Ummmm....delicious!! Hello?! How could I have possibly forgotten about this gooey, fudgey, yummy, chocolately goodness?!

Pop Tart Fact: In 1971, a cartoon character named Milton the Toaster was introducted to promote Pop-Tarts. William Schallert from the Patty Duke Show voiced him. The campaign ended when a commercial showed a child hugging the toaster, leading to complaints that children might imitate the commercial and burn themselves.

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