Wednesday, May 26, 2010

sister sister

My sister left today to serve all summer on staff at ASP's Summer Project where she will be building houses, laying shingles, and sharing the Gospel! I am SOOOO incredibly proud of her for the woman of God she has morphed into and the selfless heart she has for serving others, but I couldn't help bursting into tears when I had to say goodbye to her this morning. You see, my sister is my best friend. If someone had told me that my sister would be my best friend 10 years ago I would have laughed. The girl that spilt milk on our Playstation (there IS use crying over spilt milk), used up my favorite lipgloss, and stained my clothes would be my BEST friend? Yeah right! But its true. Through thick and thin my sister has been one constant in my life. She loves me when I'm broken, encourages me when I'm down, and lifts me up in prayer daily. She is my favorite person to shop with, a great listener, and an even better masseuse.

It seems like just yesterday we were playing Barbies in the hallway. We would spend hours setting up our Barbie homes, stretching all the way from my room, across the hallway (conveniently blocking the staircase) and well past the doorway to her room. We would just start to play when Mom would make us clean it all up! I even remember the summer before middle school when I wanted her to play with me and she wouldn't...I would always threaten her in efforts to convince her to play. It often went something like, "Well you know in the fall I'm going to be in 6th grade and I won't want to play Barbies when I'm 12." Little did she know then that I would play Barbies until oh, about 8th grade. We used to do everything together, its so weird how separate our lives are now...

We spent last night catching up (she stayed the night with me to break up her 8 hour drive out west) with Cotton Candy Shirley Temples and 48 Silly Bandz. I already miss her.

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