Thursday, May 27, 2010

she's an american girl

Last night was a night of firsts for me. For the first time, on my own, I successfully made & grilled my own cheeseburgers - yum! And I also cranked out a few of these...

HOMEMADE POP TARTS! From L-R they are peanut butter banana, white chocolate raspberry, brown sugar cinnamon, apple butter with walnuts, and peanut butter banana with chocolate chips!

I am such an American. If I had sweet potatoes at my house I would have definitely slapped together some sweet potato fries to compliment my American cuisine. I love those things.

I made the pop tarts for my friend Andrea's son Bentley who turns 2 tomorrow and has already developed a pop tart addiction, I know exactly how he feels.


  1. you made your own pop tarts?! that's amazing miranda! the pb banana w/choc chips in particular sounds phenomenal. my absolute favorite combination :)

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