Friday, April 23, 2010

ms. president

Last night when I was in the shower, randomly, my mind wondered to the thought, “what would you do if you were president?” Have you ever done that? Gotten so lost in thought over the most bizarre things? If I were president you know what I would do? Establish a Post-Grad discount. Because I think that sometimes, in fact, MOST times, post-grads could use a discount more than say a student or a senior. I also realize that I am a little biased, but seriously, think about it. What would YOU do?

The role of president is not all that unfamiliar to me. You may or may not know that I served as Senior Class President at Liberty last year, which was sort of a joke/resume builder. Truth be told, I think I liked the campaign better than the actual presidency. Jess (VP) and I had a blast meeting students, finding out what changes everyone wanted to see, baking treats, making posters, and taking pictures with LU celebrities around campus. We even had a campaign team (headed up by none other than the famous Jung Lee), coined our own slogans, and took on the classy Chanel symbol as a personal campaign logo – a perfect fit for our last names Canady/Carniol.

The night of the election we carefully crafted a speech full of jokes, light-hearted facts and figures, and our own personal goals for the future of LU. It was so encouraging and fun to see all of friends come out to support (and most importantly vote) for us – cameras, posters, and blow horns in tow! And, I’ll be honest, it even felt good to beat the competition – 2 government majors who bashed us in their speech and were convinced they had the election in the bag.

After that was over? Well, I think we both preferred eating Wednesday night dinner with our group of friends over sitting in on an SGA meeting that didn’t really go anywhere. Sometimes when I look back, I kind of feel bad that our term as Prez & VP was filled with a lot of empty promises, but hey that’s politics for ya! And between you and me, the SGA (at least at LU) has very little pull on what really goes on. Even the things that got “approved” or “voted through” rarely made it past administration’s desk. At least we tried!

For those of you who didn’t get to make it to our election last year, and for memory’s sake, here is last year’s campaign video…

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