Thursday, April 15, 2010

hot fudge sundae

Hot fudge sundae...a dessert or a breakfast? I think one of the things I love most about pop tarts is that you can get away with eating desserts disguised as breakfast. I mean, it's no secret that pop tarts have little to no nutritional value as is, but somewhere along the way they mistakingly (or cleverly?) got marked as a breakfast food - so I grew up eating about 20 grams of sugar for breakfast every morning. No wonder I have such a bad sweet tooth! Even though the hot fudge sundae poptart is sweet and delish, I would not recommend consuming these things for breakfast...unless of course you wish to be in a sugar coma by lunch ;)

Toasted: As long as I don't burn myself, I've really come to love eating pop tarts toasted - the warm filling just seems to enhance the gooey sweetness.

Frozen: It was so weird, and I don't know why, but when I froze this pop tart it got hard, rock hard, almost broke my teeth hard. Maybe its the filling? Skip freezing them...

As Is: Super sweet and quite tasty. The "crust" is made of chocolate, making it a little more edible (I usually just throw away the crust)

Pop Tart Fact: From Purdue University's Housing & Food Services - "The 161,000 Pop-Tarts eaten last year is almost 13 miles of brown sugar and strawberry fun!"

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  1. I think the smores is my favorite. Although I have not consumed a pop tart in a very long time!!!