Tuesday, April 20, 2010

the 10 women you will be before you turn 35

Not too long ago, when we got all of that snow and Leslie got snowed in at my apartment, we were up late one night in my room when she noticed my book collection and burst into laughter. Guess I can’t blame her, it IS a little ironic that “Hello Cupcake” is next to “The Flat Belly Diet.” But in my defense TFBD was a perk of working at Shape (author Cynthia Sass regularly contributes to the magazine) and are you really surprised I own a book about ALL things cupcake!?! The rest of them are not that uncharacteristic of me either – the latest issues of Teen Vogue, couple of cookbooks, and my devos! But there is one book in particular that I recently just finished that I must highlight…

The 10 Women You Will Be Before You Turn 35

Brie and I spotted this book around Christmas time at Aerie (of all places!!) as a stocking stuffer. One look through it and I was laughing so hard I was on the verge of embarrassing myself in the store. So when I got home that night I googled it and found it cheaper J It didn’t take me long to finish because all of the chapters are pretty hilarious and somewhat relatable. And if they aren’t relevant in my life just yet, I’m almost certain the will be at some point. Ok, except for maybe ch.12 (read the book and you’ll see what I mean).

Anyways, I think it makes for a perfect a graduation gift b/c the book highlights 10 different personas you will probably morph into or at least identify with at some point in your life – starting with the New Graduate. Yes.

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