Tuesday, March 2, 2010

a sweet treat

The last time I met my parents in RVA they arrived with groceries in tow (did I mention how much I LOVE them?) They always stock me up on good stuff and random things that you can't find in Lynchburg like Trader Joe's pineapple salsa and Vanilla Coke Zero. This time when I dug through my bags I found something new - Cupcake Pebbles cereal. I had heard about this cereal, drooled over this cereal, and most importantly WANTED this cereal...but even though I had HEARD about it, I wasn't quite convinced it was real. That is, until I held a box in my own hands! Now I am a lover of all things sweet and these things definitely fit the bill. It tastes like you are eating birthday cake for breakfast, they are SUPER sweet, maybe even a little TOO sweet (if thats possible). And not that being sweet is a bad thing, but I like to start off my morning with something a little healthier and ease my way into a sugar coma before bed. So I tried to get a little creative and my friend Kerri gave me the excellent idea of turning them into rice krispy treats! PERFECT! I ended up making heart-shaped treats on lollipop sticks for the girls in my Bible study last Tuesday. I think they were a hit and hopefully you will too! Here is the recipe...

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