Tuesday, February 9, 2010

state of emergency

This morning I woke up to another winter wonderland. 5 years ago this would have made me more giddy than a kid in a toy store, but this time as I looked out the window I immediately found myself trying to map out the safest way to get out of Wyndhurst. Is that a sign of getting old?

While my roommates (and lets be honest - most of this city) slept soundly in their safe beds, I got ready for work per the usual routine...only this morning when I was doing my devo the Lord revealed the most relevant verses to me...

From Job 37: 6-7 (NCV)... He says to the snow "Fall on the earth," and to the shower, "Be a heavy rain." With it, he stops everyone from working so everyone knows it is the work of God."

I wish my boss had read that this morning.

A few verses later and I began feeling a little convicted...(vs.14)
Job, listen to this: Stop and notice God's miracles.

Despite what a big nuisance the snow is, it really is such a miracle. I remember how magical it seemed when I was a kid, how I felt like I could just stare out the window at it for hours. I remember that just the THOUGHT of snow would keep me up at night b/c I would constantly check out the window to see if it had arrived.

Those reflective thoughts stayed with me for a good half an hour before I had to go outside and scrape the pile of snow off my car with a tiny ice scraper...a 20 minute process that is necessary b/c apparently it is illegal to drive with snow on your car. Want to know what I think should be illegal? Having to drive to work when the weather is bad.

I will be asking the Lord for an attitude adjustment this morning...

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