Monday, February 8, 2010

snowed in. round 2.

This weekend I was snowed in...AGAIN! Although this time it was considerably more enjoyable b/c Leslie came over with the intentions of getting "snowed in" with me. The snow started early on Friday morning which meant NO WORK ON FRIDAY!!! And by "no work" I really mean "work from home" but hey - I'll take working in a rocking chair watching the snow outside my window over a wheely chair in a cubicle any day! Leslie and I had a really fun time and we did all of the things that typically accompany a snow day (only ours lasted the entire weekend). We made snow ice cream, watched more movies than I can count on one hand, got addicted to Kourtney & Khloe Take Miami, painted our nails, gave each other makeovers, did crafts, slept, and consumed more junk food in 2 days than anyone should have in a lifetime. It was great. All of this snowed in bliss lasted until about dinnertime on Saturday when we realized we only had 1 Diet Dr.Pepper left. Our caffeine addiction (and perhaps a little cabin fever) finally forced us to venture out. Notice that previously we had not left the apartment -other than the 2 minutes it took to collect snow for our ice cream - this is because we have gotten pounded with so much snow lately that we don't even want to play in it anymore. Lucky for us, the roads were perfectly clear and we got to enjoy dinner out! Tomorrow it is supposed to start snowing again and I'm sort of dreading it, mostly b/c I know the entire city will be shut down and I will still have to work. This is especially hard when my roommates do not have to go into work and I do. Jealous? Yes, yes I am. Every time I think about having to drive in that slippery snow to get to work visions of my car flying into the middle of the intersection in Wyndhurst pop into my head - just a little glimpse of what last Monday morning looked like for me. I think I'm still shaken up from it. Here's to hoping I can stay inside the lines tomorrow...

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