Wednesday, February 17, 2010

"frosted" apple strudel

I did it, I judged a book by its cover…I went into taste testing the apple strudel pop-tarts with the preconceived notion that a frosting drizzle simply would not suffice. And upon first bite, I was right. But just like the saying, by the end, my mind had shifted (at least when I ate them warm!!)

Toasted: It tasted just like warm apple pie! Definitely the most delicious and enjoyable way to consume this pop-tart. Wow!

Frozen: Eh…not bad. An improvement from the “as is” but NOTHING compared to having it warm and toasty!

As Is: I’ve had better flavored apple strusel Fiber One bars. In fact I’d even prefer an apple pie a la cold stone jellybelly to these “as is.”

Pop Tart Fact: The pop tart is the only “mailable” pastry, being about the size of a postcard, and it weighs in at first class postage rate, which means you can mail a pop tart anywhere in the country for the cost of a stamp!

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