Wednesday, January 13, 2010

strawberry milkshake

So I tried the Strawberry Milkshake Pop Tarts on a whim. In fact, they were originally bought for my strawberry cake lovin’ sister. I’m not particularly drawn to strawberry by any means, but I stole one from home on my last visit to add to my pantry collection of “to try” pop tarts. Somehow this one managed to find its way to the top…and then into my belly! I gotta say, it was good. I think I’m partial to all the sweetened up versions of the traditional favorites. You know blueberry MUFFIN vs. regular blueberry…strawberry MILKSHAKE over regular strawberry…you get the point. Needless to say, this sugary sweet version did not disappoint.

Toasted: The toasting process did not change the flavor of the pop tart, which worked out great b/c I first tried and loved the pop tart “as is.”

Frozen: This is probably the closest variation you will get to a “milkshake” since its cold. Again, the temperature didn’t affect the taste much, but it was good.

As Is: Ok, these taste just like a pop tart version of Pillsbury’s strawberry cake – SO good! Yum, I liked them “as is” the best!

Pop Tart Fact: Kellogg’s just launched a line of 100-calorie Pop tarts called “Popsters”!

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  1. Enjoying your Blog! Watching what you are doing with it has helped me to change backgrounds, add music and just explore all the possibilities. Enjoy your stories and explorations in food. Hope you and your family have a wonderful New Year.