Tuesday, December 15, 2009

c is for cookies

One of my favorite things about Christmas is Christmas cookies. Don’t tell, but sometimes I think I even prefer cookies over cupcakes. There is just something so good about them! If I had to pick my favorite cookie I would say it’s a tie between Nestle Tollhouse Chocolate Chip and Caitlin’s grandma’s spritz cookies. I’d probably even throw Levain Bakery’s chocolate chip walnut cookies up there.

Last night we had a big cookie swap with the girls. It was fun and super delicious! I made “Irresistible Graham Cracker Cookies.” Jess found the recipe for me a la a Kroger graham cracker box and let me just tell you I treated this recipe like gold. I thought for sure this was some sort of overlooked secret. Ehhhh…I was wrong. It’s not that they were bad, they just weren’t spectacular. But just listen to these ingredients – graham cracker, coconut, walnuts, sweetened condensed milk, chocolate chips…doesn’t that just sound like a recipe for success? Truth is, I found them to be pretty “resistible” esp. compared with the lime meltaway, chewy ginger, and peppermint pinwheel cookies I found myself surrounded with last night. Yum!

Oh – I almost forgot – Loisann came to visit me this weekend! It was so much fun to just spend the weekend shopping, eating, watching movies, pampering ourselves, and doing all sorts of other fun girl things that best friends do. We even decorated these gingerbread men…what do you think? Which one is your favorite?

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