Wednesday, December 16, 2009

blueberry muffin

What's the difference between a blueberry muffin pop tart and a frosted blueberry pop tart? I was asking myself the very same question, so I tried the new blueberry muffin pop tart for myself. I gotta say, in a weird way, it really does taste similar to a bluberry muffin. I think the main difference lies on the inside, which is creamy and not quite as tart as the regular blueberry muffin.

Toasted: Before I even took a bite, I already hated the blueberry muffin pop tart toasted. Why? Because I burnt my fingers on the frosted top trying to take the stupid thing out of the toaster. No wonder they put those warning labels on the boxes…the inside was gooey, messy, and spilled all over the place.

Frozen: It was good, not a standout by any means, but yummy nonetheless.

As Is: Like I said, I don’t know how they did it but the taste really imitated a blueberry muffin.

Pop Tart fact: Post originally came up with the idea for the poptart and called them “Country Squares” – original.

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