Thursday, December 24, 2009


Ok, I TRIED to like the gingerbread pop tarts. I WANTED to like the gingerbread pop tarts (especially since they only come in the big packs once a year), but the truth is...these things are gross. First off, they come unfrosted which I kind of think is a rip off to begin with. Who seriously likes unfrosted pop tarts?!? I forgave them though b/c the cute snowman print and sugar sprinkles on top made up it for it...or so I thought. I don't really like gingerbread, at all, which might be the underlying problem with this review, but here's my 2 cents anyways...

Toasted: This was probably the only way I could stomach them. This is also the one time I was thankful that the pop tart came unfrosted because it meant my flesh wouldn't stick to the frosting when I grabbed it out of the toaster.

Frozen: The absolute worst way to enjoy this pop tart. Take my advice, don't even try it.

As Is: I'm not into gingerbread, but if its your thing you will probably think they taste fine as is.

Pop Tart Fact: Pop Tarts are Kellogg's most popular brand to date in the United States, with millions of Pop Tarts sold each year.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas (a little early!)...

You're welcome.

Monday, December 21, 2009

winter wonderland

You really won't believe that I, of all people, would be saying this...BUT...I don't think I like snow anymore. And heres why:

Friday - Drive home & beat the snowstorm.
Miranda 1, Snow 0.

Saturday - 2 feet of snow ruins the family Christmas party I look forward to every year.
Miranda 1, Snow 1.

Sunday - The road that takes me back to the burg is closed & I have to take a 5 hour detour.
Miranda 1, Snow 2.

Monday - Go to work, park across the street on a sheet of ice, and walk in snow up to my knees to get inside.
Miranda 1, Snow 3.

Catch my drift?

So I was a little disappointed that we didn't get to have our family Christmas party. In all honesty, I can say it is definitely one thing I look forward to every year. I would say a huge part of why its so great includes: my aunt's deviled eggs, Nana's stuffed celery, and Aunt Donna's caramel apple cheesecake. But really, the biggest reason its so great is because its the one time out of the entire year that I get to see my Mom's side of the family...which means I get to spend time with this crazy cousin of mine (photo taken from last year's Christmas party)

I was grateful to at least get to spend a little time with my immediate family. And by a little time, I mean less than 48 hours. It was really nice just to see them though and to know that I will be back home again on Wednesday!

Want to know one of my favorite things about being home? It may come as a surprise, but I really love grocery shopping with my Dad. And its not just because he buys me eggnog ice cream, chocolate muffin tops, and marshmallow lovers hot cocoa (though all of those things are great) I think what I love most about it is that for that hour, or however long we are in the store, I have his complete attention. No distracting computers, tvs, or phones (ok, sometimes the phone, but not always). I don't know, I just really like it. Dad started doing the grocery shopping years ago and it is a rare occasion that he goes without me tagging along. Call me crazy but I think its fun.

Thursday, December 17, 2009


10 foods from 10 countries to try in 2010:

Big MacUnited States

I know, I know…how can I even call myself an American?! But its true, I’ve never had a Big Mac. 540 calories of “two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun” – what’s not to love?


Not to be confused with coconut macaroons (which I have had and LOVED) - these are French pastries. They are made from two thin cookies with a cream/ganache center. And best of all…they are come in bright colors!

Princess CakeSweden

One of my biggest goals as an aspiring baker is to make a Swedish Princess Cake. Not only are they beautiful, but they sound SO delicious. The cake is made from alternating layers of cake, pastry cream, and jam, and topped with marzipan. Here’s a little history about the Princess Cake.

Potato Pancakes (Latkes)Germany

I’m not really sure how I haven’t had these before, because I feel like most people have, but for whatever reason I haven’t and I want to. They seem simple enough – grated potato & egg fried in a pan.

Pineapple Bun (Buo Luo Bao)China

Yes, a huge part of the reason I want to try this bread is because it is in the shape of a cute little turtle! From what I understand it’s a Chinese pastry that is similar to a sugar cookie in bread form. And little known fact…the traditional version does not even use pineapple. Not sure where the pineapple part came from…

Fried PlantainJamaica

Pretty self explanatory…a plantain, fried. I’ve never even had a regular plantain before, but I like bananas and they are similar, right?

Tea & crumpetsEngland

Crumpets are similar to English muffins in looks & texture, but they are actually made from flour and yeast and are supposedly pretty bland on their own (which is why they are usually served with butter, jam, clotted cream, etc.) I think drinking tea and eating crumpets would make me feel sophisticated.

Fairy BreadAustralia

A quick way to induce a sugar coma would be to consume fairy bread. Basically, it is white bread, spread with butter, and covered in sprinkles (which the Australians call “hundreds of thousands”) Traditionally it is cut into triangles and served at kid’s birthday parties, but sometimes you can find them in fun shapes too.


A lychee is described as a “fragranced fruit with a sweet taste.” The only place I’ve ever seen them in real life is at the toppings bar for Pinkberry which makes me believe they must be good if they are offered as topping for frozen yogurt.

Peanut SatayThailand

I’ve never had Thai food, but the combination of grilled chicken and spicy peanut sauce really intrigues me.

Yes, I realize that most of my “must-try” food options are either a) fried or b) sweets. You only live once you know.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

blueberry muffin

What's the difference between a blueberry muffin pop tart and a frosted blueberry pop tart? I was asking myself the very same question, so I tried the new blueberry muffin pop tart for myself. I gotta say, in a weird way, it really does taste similar to a bluberry muffin. I think the main difference lies on the inside, which is creamy and not quite as tart as the regular blueberry muffin.

Toasted: Before I even took a bite, I already hated the blueberry muffin pop tart toasted. Why? Because I burnt my fingers on the frosted top trying to take the stupid thing out of the toaster. No wonder they put those warning labels on the boxes…the inside was gooey, messy, and spilled all over the place.

Frozen: It was good, not a standout by any means, but yummy nonetheless.

As Is: Like I said, I don’t know how they did it but the taste really imitated a blueberry muffin.

Pop Tart fact: Post originally came up with the idea for the poptart and called them “Country Squares” – original.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

c is for cookies

One of my favorite things about Christmas is Christmas cookies. Don’t tell, but sometimes I think I even prefer cookies over cupcakes. There is just something so good about them! If I had to pick my favorite cookie I would say it’s a tie between Nestle Tollhouse Chocolate Chip and Caitlin’s grandma’s spritz cookies. I’d probably even throw Levain Bakery’s chocolate chip walnut cookies up there.

Last night we had a big cookie swap with the girls. It was fun and super delicious! I made “Irresistible Graham Cracker Cookies.” Jess found the recipe for me a la a Kroger graham cracker box and let me just tell you I treated this recipe like gold. I thought for sure this was some sort of overlooked secret. Ehhhh…I was wrong. It’s not that they were bad, they just weren’t spectacular. But just listen to these ingredients – graham cracker, coconut, walnuts, sweetened condensed milk, chocolate chips…doesn’t that just sound like a recipe for success? Truth is, I found them to be pretty “resistible” esp. compared with the lime meltaway, chewy ginger, and peppermint pinwheel cookies I found myself surrounded with last night. Yum!

Oh – I almost forgot – Loisann came to visit me this weekend! It was so much fun to just spend the weekend shopping, eating, watching movies, pampering ourselves, and doing all sorts of other fun girl things that best friends do. We even decorated these gingerbread men…what do you think? Which one is your favorite?

Thursday, December 10, 2009


So ever since I've been back in Lynchburg I feel like I've been slowly unraveling and last night I finally came undone. It kind of happened in 3 stages (my mental breakdown that is) First, I came home and all of our power was out. Awesome. Let me just preface all of this by saying that, even though I haven't publicly admitted this on my blog, I've pretty much struggled with being here in Lynchburg since the day I got back. And I know its my own fault. I just have not felt contentment or peace here at all and every morning I wake up and let Satan steal my joy. I'm just so convinced that I left my heart in NYC. Lately I've had this "just deal with it" attitude and that is wrong on so many levels. I know the Lord has me here for a reason and my restlessness is because I have simply "dealt" with my situation and not been joyful. Last night's power outage just confirmed my hate for Lynchburg. Enter phase two - I get home from my friend Emily's house and our power is STILL out. This is the part where I call home crying (oh that is before my phone DIES) and beg for my parents to bring me back home to the beach. I finally calm down and just go to bed...what else am I going to do in the pitch black? Then comes my favorite part, when I wake up in the middle of the night (or who knows what time it really is...remember my phone died) freezing. And you wanna know something even better? Somehow our apartment was freezing cold but the food in the fridge was not. There goes $40 bucks in groceries. Between you and me, I don't exactly make "bank" so 40 bucks is a lot. Plus, if I had known the fridge wasn't going to be cold I could have slept in there. So that, my friends, is where I completely lost it. I mean I sat on the floor and just cried. I think I cried enough tears to fill a bathtub. Then I woke up this morning, our power was back (after we manually played with the breakers), I read my Bible and substituted my usual breakfast yogurt with an apple (never trust leaving refrigerated items on your back porch to keep them cold) and this is what I read...

"Our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all." - 2 Corinthians 4:17

Wow. Thanks God. From now on I'm fighting Satan for my joy in the mornings. Pray for me, k?

Sunday, December 6, 2009

tubby cakes!

Food blogger (and lets be honest, my close friend), Katie Hudson, blogged about my cupcakes tonight. Read what she had to say about them here - Food Check, Please

Follow her blog & then go order some tubby cakes.

Yes, this post is a shameless plug for my bakery.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I love this story...

A little boy made a boat
Made it out of wood
Put it on the river
String tied the two together
But the current broke the string
And the boat drifted away

A little boy made a promise
With teardrops in his eyes
That someday he'll reclaim the boat
And bring back the two together

And it didn't take too long
When he saw the boat
In the window of the store
So he saved all his money
And he bought the boat
And as he walked away
You could hear him say

Now you're mine, mine
Two times you're mine
Once because I made you
Twice because I bought you
Now you're mine, mine
Two times you're mine
Bought once because
I Love You so

God made the man
Made it out of love
Put it on the world of love
And love blinds the two...together

But the man broke that love
And the man drifted away

God made a promise
From His throne on high
That one day He'll reclaim the man
And bring back the two together

And it didn't take too long
He sent Jesus His only Son
Then Jesus crucified
On the cross that day
And as He suffered
You could hear Him say

Now you're mine, mine
Two times you're mine
Once because I made you
Twice because I bought you
Now you're mine, mine
Two times you're mine
Bought once because
I Love You so