Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I’ll admit it…I’m a wannabe. And my newest obession? Running (gasp!) It all sort of happened last week after Jess and I were leaving Zumba, another one of my current obsessions. We were on our way out when we saw a sign for the Jingle Bell Fun Run and without much hesitation we said, “Ok, lets do it.” This is not unlike us at all. Two years ago we signed up, dressed like ninja turtles, and ran a midnight 5k on the day of the race. When we got home that night we researched 5ks, 4-milers, half marathons, and most importantly, race training programs. I’ve been wanting to run a half marathon for a while now, specifically the Princess Half Marathon in Disney World, but when I asked my doctor if I could run one he said “No.” Ummm…back up, what you really mean is SHOULDN’T run one. Saying I “can’t” run one is just setting me up for a challenge. I blame high school sports for ruining running for me. Not only did they physically destroy my knees, but the sprint, sprint, hurl, sprint, repeat exercises in field hockey and soccer mentally forced me to associate bad thoughts with running as well. Darn those bum knees – such a sweet story that started with MRI visits and ended with knee braces. Anyways, in true wannabe fashion Jess and I got up on Saturday morning and headed over to Riverside Runners to get fitted for some new kicks. We explained to the girl helping us that we were training, and we looked at things like flavored energy shots to make us seem legit. Afterwards we headed down to the Blackwater Creek Trails for our first training sess. Jess and I make a good pair when training b/c she is naturally pessimistic and I am naturally optimistic – so we find a healthy balance between “we aren’t going to make it to the finish line” and “we are going to get first place!!!” The race we finally settled on is in Raleigh in February and the proceeds go to cancer research, which is great for us because cancer has hit us close to home.

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