Wednesday, October 14, 2009

working girl

First off, read this post with the sound on. I believe the song is highly appropriate and fitting to my latest news. Ok, continue reading...

Well guys, I did it! I FINALLY landed a big girl job! And its a legit job (no fast food or retail for me) and I am pretty stoked. My position is two fold which is short for "I may be in over my head," but in a good way. My professional titles are Editorial Assistant and Social Media Manager. Whoa, I feel so grown up. I move next weekend and I am working with some GREAT, AWESOME, AMAZING people that I am so excited to serve alongside. And even though its bye bye beach I am anxious to start a new phase of life. As with any new phase of life, celebration ensues. This means its time for a few new accessories. New lipstick? Check. New heels? Check check. And my favorite of all...NEW DESK SUPPLIES! I was beginning to get a little sad when Back to School shopping came and went and I did not have a single excuse to buy anything. I will be making up for that this next week. I already found a few must-have desk items...

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