Sunday, September 6, 2009

frosted brown sugar cinnamon

What better pop tart to start with than the classic frosted brown sugar cinnamon? It was one of the very first pop tarts ever released! Plus, this has always been a favorite of mine, and apparently a lot of others too - check out the brown sugar cinnamon pop tart fan page.

On to the good is my review...

Toasted: This is hands down the best way to enjoy the FBSC pop tart. The brown sugar cinnamon filling literally melts in your mouth. I am also convinced that toasting this pop tart truly enhances the flavor.

Frozen: Not quite as good, in fact, I think it somewhat loses some of its flavor as the freezing process somehow makes the crust more prominent than the center filling. Who prefers crust? No one.

As Is: The brown sugar cinnamon is truly a classic. Grab & go and you'll be set. However, if you have time, stick that baby in the toaster for a minute. You won't regret it.

Pop Tart Fact - The first four flavors of pop tarts were strawberry, blueberry, brown sugar cinnamon, & apple currant.

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