Monday, August 31, 2009

prayers for marty

Please pray for my mom's friend Marty! Here is an e-mail we received this week...

"We made another trip to Dr Pieser oncology surgeon to discuss the removal of the tumor in Marty's digestive system. Upon examination he found numerous lymph nodes in her neck inflamed. He was very concerned & won't proceed with anything until a PET Scan is done & a lymph node biopsy. Marty is scheduled Tues Sept 1 to see Dr Wilson about the lymph node biopsy. No date has been set for the PET Scan. Marty is weaker & gets short winded easily. Even though she is getting blow after blow of scary reports, she is determined to fight back! She has some very tough choices ahead & needs all your prayers. She said today, "Don't stop praying!" Pray for the insurance company to cover these tests, injections & all that she needs. These days this can be a real problem. God's promises & the love of her many friends is her source of strength! She wants to thank everyone for the love & care they have shown already! She repeatedly says "what a journey, what a journey!"

Please lift Marty up in your prayers and ask God to give her peace going into this battle with cancer again. Say a prayer for her over the next few weeks & shoot an e-mail to me at We are going to print all of the prayers for Marty and hand deliver them to her for encouragement. Thanks!!!

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