Sunday, August 2, 2009

its always rainy in new york city

I can hardly believe I am just now finishing up my last weekend in NYC! This summer has flown by. My last weekend here was another great one. Saturday I met up with Katie, her brother Greg, and his girlfriend Becky. We went to a vintage market over in Hell's Kitchen and then shared tapas at this new little restaurant called Greenhouse 36. It was really cute with outdoor seating and good food. We ended up walking back to Midtown because it was so nice out.

Saturday night me, Amanda, Alexa, Michelle, & Miriam (Amanda's old roommates) went out to dinner at California Pizza Kitchen for Amanda's last supper!! It is so sad that my roomie is already back at home in S.C. She was seriously such a great roommate - completely chill, really encouraging, and lots of fun. My room seems so empty without her. I keep walking into my room expecting to see her googling random information and licking a huge pink lollipop from Dylan's Candy Bar. (I MISS YOU AMANDA!!!) Before she left we managed to get a Charlie's Angels roommate picture - how could you NOT when you have a blonde, a brunette, and a redhead? Contrary to popular belief, we are not in 6th grade...
This morning we all got up SUPER early (6:45ish) to see Amanda off :( NYC must have been sad to see her go too b/c it POURED practically all day. For some reason when it is rainy and gloomy outside Alexa and I get huge cravings for dessert, so we braved the weather and went downtown to Milk & Cookies. I had a s'mores cookie and she had a snickerdoodle - definitely worth going out in the rain. Milk & Cookies even has a menu where you can make your own cookie dough - check it out! Genius! If I made my own I think I would have picked sugar cookie with lemon crunchies & rainbow sprinkles or marshmallow. There are too many choices! The rain cleared up when we left so we walked around the Village for a while. We walked by Amy's Bread and I went in with the intention of just taking a peek and came out with a cinnamon challah knot. It was practically calling my name and for a buck eighty how could you resist??! It turns out that delish little treat has made the top of my list for favorite foods in the city. And I will probably be returning tomorrow to buy more baked goods from there.

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