Thursday, July 30, 2009

surprise surprise

This morning I go to a TV segment at GMA and as I'm going in to the studio there are CROWDS of people in my way with cameras...and my first thought is, "YES. Someone famous is here." I go in and head upstairs to the green room and on the way to the green room we pass through the studio (which was recording at the time) and guess who I see?!? MERYL STREEP! What a great start to the day. I get so thrilled with minor celebrity encounters. I wish Amy Adams would have been there, although its probably a good thing she wasn't because I would have gotten kicked out. There is no way I would have let her leave without a picture and/or autograph. I can't wait to see Julie & Julia.

Also - I've been to a few shoots now with Cynthia Sass and today it finally clicked as to who she was - Flat Belly Diet!! I wish I would have remembered that when I was in the green room chatting it up with her because instead of talking about pets I could have been getting free health tips from a well-known dietician! Next time! She also has a bangin' chocolate cherry smoothie recipe that I have gotta have.

Aside from this morning's TV spot, work today was kinda boring. Lizzie and I have been working on the same project for days now so I have a hard time sitting still and focusing. My eyes have also been throbbing (probably due to the massive amount of time I spend in front of a computer screen) I think big companies that have employees that use computers everyday should pay for all of their eye insurance or lasik or something.

After work I met up with Katie in Union Square. Apparently they have concerts there on Thursday nights so we enjoyed free music from a band from London. They were pretty good.

We also saw this in a store window...

And we finally tried out Momofuku Bakery & Milk Bar! I personally think it's overrated. I had the compost cookie (pretzels, potato chips, coffee, oats, butterscotch, & chocolate chips) and Katie had the cornflake chocolate chip marshmallow cookie. They were both kinda weird, but not really bad. Mine tasted like maple syrup and hers tasted like butter. We also tried their famous Cereal Milk Softserve. I thought it tasted like salty cornflakes. EW. I can make better cereal milk.

I came back to the apartment after our little adventure and found 2 packages for me! Kristi surprised me and sent me a copy of the Hello, Cupcake! book which I have wanted for a while now. (Thanks girl! - I spent a good part of tonight drooling over those delicious looking treats!) And my aunt sent me Mary Kay skin care products. I love trying new stuff!

Tomorrow I am getting up early to see Kelly Clarkson in Central Park!!!!!!!

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