Wednesday, July 15, 2009

outta this world

Today was truly a treat. My morning started off great when Liz discovered DD coupons - no better way to start a morning than with DD coffee! Then I got one of the most hopeful e-mails about making my dream job a reality (props to my old boss Johanna for the hook up on that). THEN I had lunch with all of the other interns and editors at Shape, which was really fun. Afterwards, I talked with Jenna Autuori who is the assistant to the editor in chief. She is seriously awesome - so cool and down to earth. Check out her blog here. I am having lunch with her tomorrow and I could not be more excited. To top off my day, I came home from work to meet up with my old co-counselor from Kamp - NATALIE!!! I haven't seen her in a year and it was so bizarre that we would both be in the big apple at the same time. I don't think I have ever become friends faster with someone than I have with Natalie and she will probably be a close friend for oh...the rest of my life. I met up with her and her family and we toured the city before heading to MARS for dinner...Mars 2112 that is. It was a really fun night. The restaurant we ate at included a 5 minute space ride to Mars where we dined among the aliens before returning to Earth. It was great. Here are some pictures (& a short video) from our outta this world adventure...

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