Sunday, July 26, 2009

lets go G.N.O.

I just had the ULTIMATE Girl's Weekend with my aunt and sister! They flew in on friday afternoon so I met them over at the hotel as soon as I got off work. I cannot tell you how good it felt to sleep in a bed that was not three feet in the air. Anyways, we started off the weekend right by getting pedicures downtown at a place called Dyanna's. If you are ever in the city & need a pedicure you have GOT to go there! It is fairly cheap and the women there are hilarious - they are from the Ukraine and they make it really fun. We shopped around until it was time for our dessert reservations for a restaurant called Sweetiepie. It is probably one of the cutest/girliest restaurants I have ever gone to in my entire life. Needless to say, I LOVED it! We ordered mini ice cream cones (which had the best sprinkles!!!) and a trio of micro cakes - lemon, orange, and chocolate. And when they say "micro" the mean "micro" (see picture below) We felt like food critics swapping bites and passing plates.
Saturday we got up early and went shopping for a few essentials...aka new make-up. I am pretty much obsessed with Philosophy skin care products. If anyone feels the need to buy me s'mores lip gloss or the pink frosted layer cake shampoo, I mean, I wouldn't argue. We spent a majority of the day shopping all around the city until about lunchtime when we slipped into a series of meltdowns...starting with me (who is surprised?) A couple hours of those hours involved me standing in a lengthy line for a Shake Shack burger - wasn't disappointed, but won't be doing that again...and we were much better. My aunt decided that our meltdowns deserved a different type of meltdown which ultimately led to a trip over to Union Square for Max Brenner!!!
We each ordered three separate things to share. I ordered the Melting Marshmallow Crepe with vanilla ice cream, gummy bears, and chocolate sauce (left), Aunt Patsy ordered the Urban S'mores with peanut butter, raspberry, and banana side sauces (middle), and Brie ordered the chocolate pizza with strawberries and bananas (right)! Max Brenner has replaced Crumbs on my list of favorite places in NYC.
We were beyond full after Max Brenner so we justified all we ate by walking around for some more shopping! Then we crashed at the hotel for a bit before we went back out to see Mary Poppins on Broadway. The show was really cute and the New Amsterdam theater is beautiful!
This morning we packed up our things and went to the Upper East Side to go to Alice's Tea Cup on 81st for brunch. My blog entries kinda make it seem like all I do is eat - oops! We shared brunch again and here is what we ordered: raspberry nutella & pumpkin scone (my choice - left), marshmallow nutella crepes (brie's choice - middle), and eggs benedict with chicken hash (aunt patsy's choice - right). We also had the Roobios Admiral's Cup Tea - yum!!
After brunch we did some browsing, not to be confused with shopping, at Jimmy Choo and a few other places around my apartment. We also hit up the street fairs. I think I should open a stand b/c I am seriously there every weekend. It was great. We only had a little time together before Aunt Patsy and Brie had to catch the train to JFK. It was really sad to see them go. I got teary-eyed every time I have to say goodbye, but we had a lot of fun while they were here. Tomorrow's agenda? A looooong run in Central Park.

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