Wednesday, July 22, 2009

lessons from nyc (take 2)

Oh, just a few more things I have learned while living in the city...

1. Apparently smoking is "cool" in NYC. Did NYers not get the memo that smoking causes lung cancer?? I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to go on the patch when I get home because I've picked up second hand smoking from living here.

2. There is no such thing as a dollar menu. I left McDonald's pretty disappointed about that.

3. Everyone has a Blackberry. Literally everyone. I was on the subway with a 60ish year old grandma that was texting away on one. Seriously? Yeah. My less than one year old Voyager has now taken a backseat to the "Can-I-have-it?!" Blackberry.

4. People always seem to be in a rush. Whoa - take a chill pill. This is especially frustrating when I am trying to order lunch.

5. I can't afford 9/10 stores that I go "shopping" in. I have resorted to buying knockoffs of what my co-workers wear instead.


  1. 1. Nice blog. I think I might jump on that train soon. Stay tuned.
    2. Mickey D's is gross anyway.. don't sweat it
    3. I really want a CrackBerry, but I'm poor so I settled for a cheapo phone that has the same keys but no internet
    4. I'm trying to stop drinking soda too! But I hate coffee with a passion...ALL kinds... so my substitute of choice is Berry flaved Propel
    5. Add me on gmail. (I'm super original too)


  2. Oh, I remember all of that so well! Funny to be reminded of how different it is there. My lesson from NYC was to always bring sneakers to walk in, even if you are in a suit. I saw so many people doing that everyday and always thought it looked both stupid and smart at the same time!