Monday, July 27, 2009

i like to move it

Today I went for a nice little run (jog) in Central Park - no need to explain why, just see the pictures from this weekend. It was really nice out and I literally ran right into the Central Park Zoo! I stuck around and watched a seal show from outside the gates (you have to pay to actually go in) for like 30 minutes. All I can think about when I see that zoo is the movie Madagascar. I was expecting to see a hippo, lion, and zebra on the such luck. I did, however, see a man in all gold posed as a statue and lots of people with missing limbs - kinda weird. You see it all here folks. After my run I treated myself to a free massage in the massage chairs at Bed Bath & Beyond. I think the people there are catching on because I frequent that place pretty much on a weekly basis. Oops.

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